50 Years | Bryan Area Foundation

Dear Friends: Picture this: It’s 1969, and a group of friends and civic leaders have been gathering on a regular basis to discuss establishing a community foundation. Wouldn’t it have been fascinating to be in the room when Grant Brown stood up, threw $50 on the table, and said “It’s time to stop talking about this and just do it!” We could have seen firsthand what motivated these men. Were some of them reluctant because they had yet to make that month’s mortgage payment? Were some of them concerned if the community would support the idea? Were some of them bound and determined to make this work -- at least for a year or two? Regardless of their motivation, would any of them have had the foresight that they were planting a seed that would ultimately grow into a foundation worth $27 million over the next 50 years? I know one of those in that room, my grandfather, would be astonished, pleased and proud if he were here today. It’s exciting to imagine the great things that will happen in the next 50 years with the seeds we continue to plant today. We hope you enjoy this special 50th anniversary review of the wonderful things the Bryan Area Foundation has accomplished. It’s a great tribute to those who invested their time and treasure to make Bryan what it is today. Let’s use their inspiration as a springboard to see what great things we can accomplish over the next 50 years. In this case, I hope history does repeat itself. Pam Bard Steel, Chairman The mission of the Bryan Area Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for all citizens of our area now and for generations to come by building community endowment, addressing needs through grant making, and serving as a leader, catalyst and resource for charitable giving. First, A Story