Fund Choices

One of the advantages of a community foundation is that it provides a vehicle for all citizens to contribute to the betterment of their own community. This means that gifts of all sizes are encouraged, appreciated, and important. Gifts may be made to any of the Foundation’s existing funds. With gifts of $5,000 or more, a donor has the opportunity to create a named fund.

The Bryan Area Foundation and its affiliate Foundations offer a variety of funds to allow donors the opportunity to customize their gift.

Acorn Fund

Acorn Fund is created with the goal of eventually becoming a named endowed fund. This fund can be started with an initial deposit of at least $1,000. The Foundation’s guidelines require that the fund reach the required minimum of the chosen fund category within five years.


Community Fund

Community Fund is an unrestricted fund that is used to provide grants that address the most urgent needs of our community. You may choose to establish a fund in your name allowing BAF to determine where grants will do the most good. Community Funds offer maximum flexibility to react to the changing needs of the community. The minimum gift to establish a Community Fund is $5,000.


Administrative Support Fund

Administrative Support Fund provides support for the ongoing operations of the Bryan Area Foundation. The minimum gift to establish an Administrative Support Fund is $5,000.


Organizational Endowment Fund

Organizational Endowment Fund is a form of a designated fund where the donor is a nonprofit agency or organization contributing funds to provide current income and long-term security for its operation. The minimum gift to establish an Organizational Endowment Fund is $10,000.


Field of Interest Fund

Field of Interest Fund allows you to support an area of charitable interest defined broadly, such as “education”. You can also select a defined geographical area or specific community to benefit from your named fund. Field of Interest Funds can be established for a range of causes from arts and culture to health care. The minimum gift to establish a Field of Interest Fund is $15,000.


Designated Fund

Designated Fund is created to ensure that support will be provided to one or more specific charitable organizations chosen by you. BAF ensures that disbursements are made to the appropriate charitable agencies or causes as specified in the establishing fund document. The minimum gift to establish a Designated Fund is $25,000.


Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund supports students at an institution (college or technical school), students in a particular field of study, or students from a particular high school. The minimum gift to establish a Scholarship Fund is $25,000.


Donor Advised Fund

Donor Advised Fund is a flexible tool for charitable giving, operating much like your own personal family foundation. You select the fund name and then enjoy making grants to the non-profit organizations you care about. Grants to individuals, including scholarships, are not permitted by law by a Donor Advised Fund. The minimum gift to establish a Donor Advised Fund is $100,000.