Officers, Trustees, Members

Trustees and Officers elected to serve are pictured from left, first row: Pam Bard Steel; Michael Shaffer, Chair; Jack Brace; Christopher Walker, Secretary. Second row Trustees are: George G. Brown, Diana Moore Eschhofen, Steven Hess. Third row Trustees are: Mark Miller, Diana Savage, Karen Gallagher, Jason Beals and Cliff Oberlin. Not pictured are: Jason Kunsman, David Schumm, Tom Turnbull and George Gardner.

Terms Expire in 2022

  • Amy Miller, President/CEO
  • Michael A. Shaffer, Chairman
  • Diana Moore Eschhofen, Vice Chairman
  • Christopher B. Walker, Secretary
  • George H. Gardner, Treasurer


Trustees are elected to three-year terms and may serve no more than two consecutive terms.

Term Expires 2022

  • Karen K. Gallagher
  • David Schumm
  • Thomas L. Turnbull

Term Expires 2023

  • Jason A. Beals
  • Jason Kunsman
  • Diana L. Savage

Term Expires 2024

  • George G. Brown
  • Emily Ebaugh
  • Martin Killgallon, III

Welcome our newest BAF Members, (L to R), Dottie Yahraus, Ryan Miller, and McKenzie Nau.


  • James R. Bard
  • Bruce O. Benedict
  • Scott G. Benedict
  • Jack E. Brace
  • Julie A. Brown
  • Wayne Carlin
  • Michael Culler
  • Christopher Cullis
  • Carolyn Sharrock-Dorsten
  • Emily Ebaugh
  • Betty Franks
  • Larry Harsila
  • Thomas M. Herman
  • Stephen Hess
  • Michael Johnson
  • William G. Martin
  • Mark Miller
  • Ryan Miller
  • McKenzie Nau
  • David C. Newcomer
  • Glen L. Newcomer
  • E. Clifford Oberlin, III
  • Elizabeth Pool
  • David Reiser
  • C. Gregory Spangler
  • Dean L. Spangler
  • William Steel
  • J.T. Stelzer
  • George E. Stockman
  • Mary Thaman
  • Jodi Tinkel
  • John G. Toner
  • Kirkland Vashaw
  • Stephen R. Voigt
  • James C. Woods, III
  • Dottie Yahraus