Project 2020 and Project Next

Project 2020 began as the 2020 Club, a donor giving circle in which donors became “investors” by purchasing “shares.” Through small but consistent donations, the 2020 Club raised money to establish a major initiative in the community that would positively impact and improve the quality of life in Bryan now, and generations to come.

Capturing the charitable spirit of the community, this group challenges the current and next generation of leaders to step forward and actively engage in making Bryan a wonderful place to call home and so Project Next has been established. Under the same premise as Project 2020, residents of Williams County are invited to become involved in Project Next by contacting the Bryan Area Foundation at 419.633.1156. By joining the group, it will give all those interested the opportunity to “plant the seeds” for a new plan that will improve the quality of life for all citizens.




Building the Fountain City Amphitheater!

Construction of the Fountain City Amphitheater was completed in the fall of 2020. The 2nd phase of the project, installation of the interactive fountains, is expected to be completed in the spring of 2022.

Project 2020 Shareholders

Mike & Dina Culler Glen & Ann Newcomer
Christopher & Elizabeth Cullis Chad & Diana Savage
Damian & Dr. Carolyn Dorsten Michael & Jane Shaffer
Dr. Jon & Dr. Laura Eckhardt Bill & Pam Steel
Phil & Mary Ennen J.T. & Georgia Stelzer
George & Robin Gardner David Swanson
Dr. Craig & Bernadette Herman Chad & Dr. Jodi Tinkel
Renee Isaac Kirk & Sarah Vashaw
Dr. Jason & Meg Kunsman Howard & Ann Vreeland

Additional Donors

Randolph & Naomi Bard Fund Dean & Ann Spangler
Kevin & Stacey Bock Jesse & Heather Teegarden
Tim & Meg Herman Mike & Jennifer Winzeler
Jayne & Roger McKelvey Kirk & Sara Yosick
Mitchel & Rhonda Owens Bryan Area Foundation
Carol Schreder Power in the Purse
State of Ohio through the OFCC